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We’re in the process of planning two more trips, yay! I love traveling, although its a bit more complicated with all of Kaira’s gear, hehe. Our first (rather unexpected) trip is back to Lincoln again over Labor Day…to visit my parents, no less! Yes, you did read correctly. MY parents. First time in over 4 years. And we’re staying with them. I think it will be fun actually, and they’re obviously really excited to have us visit, its just a little “weird” still. Hopefully it won’t be like that for long. They want to take Kaira to the children’s museum and zoo there, so I think she’ll have a lot of fun. We’ve been wanting to do a zoo trip for a while now, and now that Kaira is learning the names and signs of so many animals, I think she’ll especially like it. The amount of information that she can pick up is amazing, and her vocabulary is starting to get sooo much bigger. I feel bad because I know a lot of times we just can’t quite understand her, which I’m sure is frustrating for her…but its getting better (for example “pacifier” is “sassy”, and “thank you” is “tank tu”).

Our second trip is to Chicago in October for Wyl and Jo’s wedding. So that also means Kaira’s first plane ride. I’m not really sure what to expect of that, but I think she’s old enough that she’ll think its cool. She just learned what an airplane is and will point them out in the sky all the time now (she calls them “hair-pains”). I’m really looking forward to that trip, I think it’ll be a lot of fun. Plus Chris will get to hang out with Wyl again, which is nice because I know he misses him. *tear*

Otherwise things are good, we’re keeping busy most of the time, which is good. :-) Kristine and Jayden will be arriving this weekend (yay!), and I’ll be watching Jayden while Kristine works, so that should give us something new and fun. I think it will be good for Kaira to get used to another baby being around. It’ll be good practice for when we have our next baby! I’m also looking into a weekend/night position at a hospital here, which I think would be awesome (only 20 hours a week!) so I’m reeeealllly hoping that works out!

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