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I know its been a long time since I posted, but I think I have a good excuse this time. :-)   We’ve had about a month straight of either visiting people or people visiting here.  It was actually a lot of fun, but it would have been nice if it was spread out a little bit!

We started by going to Lincoln a few weeks ago.  We were going because one of Chris’ high school friends was getting married, but we managed to see a lot of other people while we were there too.  It was a lot of fun and I was glad to visit, but also glad to leave again. :-P   We met up with Chris’ mom and sister while we were there, who were on their way to Cheyenne.   Kaira did great, she likes pretty much everyone she meets, which is good since there are so many new people for her to see.  Oh, and I also turned 25 while we were there…so I’m a quarter now.
A few days after we got back to Denver, Chris’ mom, sister and aunt met us at our place for dinner.  It was nice for Chris to be able to catch up with his family again, since we haven’t really seen any of them since we were married.   We met up again with them as well as Tara, Wes and the boys that Sunday for Red Lobster. It was nice to see all of them again, Tara’s boys seem so big to me now (probably just in comparison to Kaira).

A few days after that (really, its all running together in my head now), Matt got here from Montana.  He stayed with us about 4 nights.  His stay happened to be at the same time that Chisa was coming to visit, so we ended up with a very full house. :-)   It all worked out fine though, everyone got along and we had fun playing Mario Cart into the wee hours of the morning.  Kaira had a blast with all the attention she got.  She wasn’t sure about Matt with a hat on…but other than that she really liked everyone.  We all went to the Denver Art Museum one day.  They had some really cool temporary exhibits out.   We walked around downtown afterwards, ate at a little deli, and saw some of the really cool buildings down there (the courthouse, the Capitol building), as well as all the bums and weird pant-less skateboarders.  Oh yah, I forgot we live in a big city, hehe.  You don’t get too much of that around where we live, but go downtown and you remember where we are, hehe.  We came back to the condo to let Kaira take a nap, and we played more Mario Cart (we were addicted by that point).  That night we went to the Denver Aquarium and ate at the restaurant there.  It was very neat.  We ate by all the fishes. :-P   We walked around the aquarium after dinner, which was actually not packed for once.  Kaira liked looking at all the fish and other animals.

So I think that’s the short version of the last few weeks, it was a lot of fun (and great to see everyone!), but now its back to reality.  We’re getting ready for Jared and Kristine to get here next week though, so I guess we have that to look forward to!  Kaira’s also almost one (my baby!!), so we have that to get ready for too.

I can't take him anywhere...
I can't take him anywhere...
View from outside the aquarium
View from outside the aquarium

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