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We had a busy and fun weekend. On Saturday, we met Wendy and the kids and Javin and Ethan at one of the state parks that happens to be about 5 minutes from where we live. We went on a “hike” of some sort…we got kind of lost and ended up walking on the road, but at least we know where we’re going now. :-P We had lunch by the lake, and watched the kids go play in the freezing water. It doesn’t seem to matter how cold it is, they’ll still go in! Javin had his house inspection in the afternoon, so we split up while he did that. Then we all met up again for dinner at the park…and more freezing lake playing, etc. It was nice. The weather was so beautiful this weekend that we had to take advantage of it.

Sunday we decided to take Kaira swimming for the first time! She did okay, but unfortunately the pool was PACKED, and all the screaming, splashing kids really freaked her out. So for the majority of the time she was clinging to us, but by the end she had calmed down and was having more fun. I think once our pool opens at our condo, we can go a lot more often (and hopefully with a lot less people) and she’ll be able to have more fun. She was very cute in her swim suit though. :-)

Kaira and Wendy
Kaira and Wendy

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  1. linda Says:

    Wow Kat

    You have a beautiful family.
    I’m back……finally

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