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Kaira loves her bath time
Kaira loves her bath time

Well, we finally found a place we liked…and moved. :-) We’ve actally been here about 2 weeks now, but with unpacking and Kaira…I didn’t get a chance to update! I’ve taken a few pictures of the condo to put up…I couldn’t get a picture of our bedroom because its still a mess. I’ll get to that someday! Anyway, we love the condo. Its still super close to the other house, so we still see everyone pretty much everyday. Whitney comes over and stays with us before school, which Kaira loves. Kaira thinks she’s soo cool. :-P

Kaira is 8 months old now, and (we found out yesterday) weighs almost 18lbs! No wonder she makes my arms so tired all the time. She’s doing great though. She has 2 teeth about to come in too. I took her to the doctor yesterday because we were afraid she had another ear infection (she was super crabby and pulling at her ears). Turns out, its teeth! The doctor said they’d probably poke through in the next few days. My baby’s growing up!

Kaira can pull herself up now, but hasn’t started crawling yet. She gets on all 4′s, stays for a little bit, gets tired and falls over. Poor baby. She wants to go…she just can’t figure out how yet. She more interested in standing up all the time though, so maybe she’ll just skip crawling and go straight to walking!

Kaira's rocking chair
Kaira's rocking chair

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