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Yes, its true. Baby number 2 is on the way! I’m about 9 weeks along now. I’m not sure that it has really sunk in yet, mostly because I don’t feel very different, other than needing to eat every couple hours. I am, of course, very excited for the new baby, especially whenever I see someone with a newborn. But at the same time I find myself almost feeling guilty because Kaira isn’t going to be our only baby anymore. I’m sure that she’ll still be spoiled rotten, but I know she loves all the attention she gets right now. I think she’s going to be a great big sister though, and there’s no way I wanted her to be an only child, so I think she’ll thank us some day. I can’t imagine not having my brothers and sister around, or what it would have been like growing up as an only child. I want Kaira to have siblings like that too.

I can’t quite decide if I want a girl or a boy this time. We really, really wanted a girl the first time, but this time I just can’t decide. I’d love another girl, and considering that everything we own of Kaira’s is pink, it’d be easiest with another girl. But we need a boy too! We can’t not have a boy in the family. I guess if I have a girl this time, that just guarantees that we’ll have a third child at some point!

Kaira will be starting preschool this August. I think she’s really going to enjoy it and that it will be good for her to be around some other kids her own age. At the same time though, it kind of breaks my heart that she’s old enough to go to preschool. She seems to be getting so grown up lately, and I’m not sure if I like it. She’s talking up a storm, saying words that we didn’t even know she knew (and a lot in Spanish, thank you very much Dora), she sings songs, she counts (English and Spanish) and is getting very good at her ABC’s. I’m so proud of my baby. :-)

We went up to Cheyenne this weekend and saw a lot of the family. Grandma Esquibel is 94 now (wow!), so it was nice to go see her. Kaira is now completely in love with her Grandpa, its adorable. They played together the whole time we were there. “Come on Grandpa, follow me!” So cute. She also had a blast riding her trike all through the house and around outside. Its so nice to see how much she likes him though, which probably means we should try to get up there more often.

I saw in my last post that I was just starting work at the hospital (which means it was obviously a long time ago!). The job is going pretty well, I enjoy it and the people that I work with. My schedule changes every week, some are better than others…but hey, its a job!

We’re getting ready (as usual) for more trips. Next weekend we’ll be heading to Lincoln to visit the family there. It will be a quick trip, but it will be nice. I think the plan is to head to the zoo in Omaha, which I’m sure Kaira will love. She’s all into animals, especially since she can name them. We went to the Aquarium here last weekend and she loved it, she’s still talking about all the animals she saw there. A few weeks after that trip, we’ll be going up to Breckenridge for our annual summer vacation. That’s always fun. :-)

We made it through our trip to Chicago/Indy. We had a great time. It was Kaira’s first time on a plane and she did great. She got a little bored and anxious at the very end of the first flight, but other than that, she was perfect. Its hard to expect a 2 year old to sit still in a little seat for 2 hours anyway.

Wyl and Jo’s wedding was BEAUTIFUL! It was a lot of fun and I’m so glad we were able to get there. It was fun to get all dressed up and everything. Kaira just wanted to dance the entire time. She danced with Daddy…that made for some very cute pictures. I was also glad that Kaira got to spend some time with Anara, and she’s still asking where “Nara” is. Awww, cute little girls. :-)

We are now officially watching Jayden full time, so our house has been a little busier than normal. He’s almost 9 months old, and he’s a good baby…but I can see why people say that its hardest to go from 1 kid to 2. Its a lot different with him around, but we’re getting used to it, getting into a schedule, so I think it will work out. And it makes me happy that he’s not in a daycare, and that Kaira is getting used to not being an only child. Hopefully that will help her adjust whenever we have another baby.

I’m scheduled to start my orientation at the hospital in about 2 weeks. I’ll just be working about 20 hours a week, either evenings or weekends, so Chris will be able to watch Kaira. I’m excited to get started, I hope it all works out well!

Wendy and I are getting ready to go to Lincoln this weekend. We’re taking the kids to visit their grandparents and probably visit with some old friends. It’ll be a quick trip, so it’ll be nice to get away for a few days (although it feels like we just got back!). Hopefully I’ll remember to update again once we get back!



We’re in the process of planning two more trips, yay! I love traveling, although its a bit more complicated with all of Kaira’s gear, hehe. Our first (rather unexpected) trip is back to Lincoln again over Labor Day…to visit my parents, no less! Yes, you did read correctly. MY parents. First time in over 4 years. And we’re staying with them. I think it will be fun actually, and they’re obviously really excited to have us visit, its just a little “weird” still. Hopefully it won’t be like that for long. They want to take Kaira to the children’s museum and zoo there, so I think she’ll have a lot of fun. We’ve been wanting to do a zoo trip for a while now, and now that Kaira is learning the names and signs of so many animals, I think she’ll especially like it. The amount of information that she can pick up is amazing, and her vocabulary is starting to get sooo much bigger. I feel bad because I know a lot of times we just can’t quite understand her, which I’m sure is frustrating for her…but its getting better (for example “pacifier” is “sassy”, and “thank you” is “tank tu”).

Our second trip is to Chicago in October for Wyl and Jo’s wedding. So that also means Kaira’s first plane ride. I’m not really sure what to expect of that, but I think she’s old enough that she’ll think its cool. She just learned what an airplane is and will point them out in the sky all the time now (she calls them “hair-pains”). I’m really looking forward to that trip, I think it’ll be a lot of fun. Plus Chris will get to hang out with Wyl again, which is nice because I know he misses him. *tear*

Otherwise things are good, we’re keeping busy most of the time, which is good. :-) Kristine and Jayden will be arriving this weekend (yay!), and I’ll be watching Jayden while Kristine works, so that should give us something new and fun. I think it will be good for Kaira to get used to another baby being around. It’ll be good practice for when we have our next baby! I’m also looking into a weekend/night position at a hospital here, which I think would be awesome (only 20 hours a week!) so I’m reeeealllly hoping that works out!



We’ve had a pretty full summer so far, with still more to come soon.

First up, we had our family trip up in the mountains last month. It was a lot of fun!! I had such a good time seeing everyone again (everyone together!), and it was really hard when we had to leave. The nice thing though is that most of us already live in Denver already, soooo its not like we wouldn’t see them again soon. But still, its not the same as being in the same house. The house was interesting. It wasn’t quite what we expected, but it ended up working out really well for our group. The space in the house was great, 7 bedrooms, in 4 separate areas of the house. Chris, Kaira and I ended up in the basement, which was nice b/c it was quiet. It was FREEZING at night though. Man, it was crazy. We had to turn on the heat in our bedroom at night (and go buy Kaira long, warm PJ’s). And this was in the middle of June. Being up in the mountains makes a big difference in temps, that’s for sure, hehe. Anyway, we played A LOT of Wii, which was really fun with all the people there. And we had 4 controllers while we were there so 4 people could play at once. We also went hiking one day, which went pretty well. Kaira climbed a mountain!! Hehe. If you know Kaira, you know she doesn’t like to be carried, so she insisted on climbing up the trail herself. We had her little harness on her (so we wouldn’t lose her!), and that helped a lot with all her falling. She’s not used to walking on uneven terrain, but she still loved it. She was dead tried by the time we were done though. We also went on a big boat again this year. This one had a grill on it, so we got to eat out on the water. It was so beautiful out there! Other than Chris and Betsy’s sunburns (which weren’t TOO bad), that was also a lot of fun. And, of course, we got to meet the newest member of the family, little Jayden. Such a cutie!!! I can’t wait until they actually move here and we can see him all the time. Kaira wasn’t thrilled with mommy holding another baby, but she had enough friends there to keep her occupied most of the time. And we ate a lot of food. Really, a lot. We cooked everything there, and still had a ton of leftovers…mmmm, makes me hungry just thinking about it. :-)

This last weekend I did a quick trip to Lincoln. Betsy came along with me to help with Kaira, and then met up with her family in Iowa. It worked out pretty well! The trip was interesting, to say the least…lots of surprises kept popping up all over the place. All in all, I was glad to see so many people…my grandma, Tim and his new wife, TJ and Titus in their new house, Anh and Anara, Chisa, Cari, Ryan, Eric. I think that was most everyone. In the end though, I was very happy to get home and see my Chris again.

Coming up in the next few days/weeks, we have Chris’ mom and sister visiting, Kaira turning 2, and then a visit from Leslie, Alec and Blake. Its been SOOO long since we’ve seen them, so everyone is really excited about that. I think we’ll be spending the day at Elitch’s, so I’m sure that will be a lot of fun too…I hope Kaira cooperates. :-P I think she’s big enough that we can find stuff for her to do this year, so I bet she’ll have a good time too.

Other than that, things are pretty normal around here. Kaira is talking up a storm all the sudden and amazes me every day. She’s looking more and more like a little lady all the time. It makes me a little sad that she’s not such a “baby” anymore, but at the same time its so fun to see how smart she is getting and all her new little adventures everyday. She’s such a happy, good little girl…aww, I’m so proud. We just got her a little baby doll that coo’s and moves around, and you can give her a paci or bottle to make her be quiet. It almost made me want to cry to see her holding the baby and giving her a bottle, cutest thing ever!! I can’t wait to see what she’ll do next! :-)



1) Stop relying on other people to make me happy
2) Teach Kaira her numbers/letters
3) Move :-/
4) Learn how to sew (need Betsy for that one…)
5) Read more (again)
6) Eat healthier
7) Get back to pre-pregnancy shape

I know there’s more but I can’t think of them…

So its been almost a year since my last post. Woops! Honestly I don’t really have an excuse for that, I guess it just kind of got lost in the background. I like the new theme (gracias a Chris), and we’re going to replace the flower pic with one of our own. I haven’t found the perfect one yet though.

We’re getting ready for our vacation, which starts on Wednesday. Woohoo! We’re going up to a house in Frisco with the fam…I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. We’ve put a lot of planning into it so I think its going to be great. Hopefully relaxing too. :-) I’m excited about seeing little Jayden for the first time too! I know its going to make me want another baby though, hehe. We should have A LOT of good food too, it definitely won’t be a “diet” week! That reminds me that I have to make spinach and artichoke dip and puppy chow before we go…along with all the packing. Oh well, I don’t mind “working” for the trip!

Chisa and Lucas were here visiting this weekend, on their way through to Vail. It was so much fun seeing them again. We took them to the Melting Pot since they don’t have those in Lincoln. Really, we just wanted an excuse to go there again. Oh man, we ate, and ate, and ate. That place is so stinkin good! Its a good thing we only go there every 3 or 4 months, or we would be some very fat people. :-P I’ve decided that I like our method of skipping the meat portion, it leaves more room for the cheese and dessert courses!! There was also one other exciting part of the weekend with them…buuuut I need to wait a few more days about that.

My baby girl is growing up so fast. Its just amazing. Chris was saying yesterday that she’s looking more and more like a little girl and less like a baby. She’s a little person. She seems to be soaking up everything around her and learning more and more each day. She just started learning everyone’s names (which is a pretty big feat with all the names in our family…). Her new love is horses (pronounced: hor-SEEEEE). There are a couple old farms and a vet school a few blocks away from our house where we walk almost every day so she can see the horses. And Chris found her a HUGE pink horse at a garage sale, which I honestly didn’t really want (its huge!), but she loves it now. We really just need a whole play room for her so her toys won’t be taking over our house anymore. Overall she’s just a great little gal. She loves playing with her cousins all the time, and she gets to see them all a lot more since they’re out of school for the summer. She’s also getting into swimming again this summer.

I was thinking as we were shopping this afternoon that I should start making some goals and write them down so I’ll actually work on them. I sort of feel like I don’t ever focus on one thing long enough to really get good/understand it before I get distracted by something else.



That’s right…we now have a 1 year old!!  Time seems like yesterday she was just a little shrimp sleeping in our bed, hehe.  She seems to be growing up so fast all the sudden.  She finally got her first two teeth in (at the same time), she’s starting to walk, no more bottles, she’s drinking regular milk…and she’s a year old!  I’m not sure that I like her growing up so fast, hehe.  Kaira also has pierced ears now (she’s a real little girl!).  She did great.  She only cried for a second and then took her milk and was just fine.  I was so proud.  I was also terrified the whole time, so Chris had to hold her while they did it.  They look adorable though, so I’m glad we finally did it.

So Kaira is starting to walk suddenly.  She took about 10 steps yesterday.  She looked so proud!!  She’ll only do it when SHE feels like it though.  If we try to make her do it, she just drops to her knees and crawls.  Stubborn little girl!  She’s getting the hang of it though, so I know she’s going to be all over the place in a couple weeks.

Chris just got back from his trip to Seattle last night…we got home from the airport at about 1:30am.  Ugh.  We’re kind of sleep walking around today.  Oh well, we’ll catch up this weekend.  It seems like he had a good time (at the Microsoft campus), but I’m soooo glad to have him back.  Kaira missed him so much, she became incredibly clingy and needy.  She wouldn’t let me leave the room without her the entire time he was gone.  Sheesh, what a Daddy’s girl!  Anyway, its nice to have him back again…and he brought good presents back too, hehe.

Kaira has also become completely addicted to Signing Time.  We have to play them 3 or 4 times a day now.  She loooooves them.  (“Silly Pizza Song” is now permanently engraved in my mind.)  I hope she can pick up the signs soon, it looks like she tries to do a few already, its adorable.  I’m sure we’ll have to be investing in the rest of that series pretty soon.   The three we have make her happy for now though. :-)

We’re leaving for Cheyenne tomorrow (Friday) to get ready for Kaira’s little party.  It’ll be nice for her to see all her extended family again, she seems to like everyone so much.  I’m sure I’ll have lots of pictures to post soon!!

I know its been a long time since I posted, but I think I have a good excuse this time. :-)   We’ve had about a month straight of either visiting people or people visiting here.  It was actually a lot of fun, but it would have been nice if it was spread out a little bit!

We started by going to Lincoln a few weeks ago.  We were going because one of Chris’ high school friends was getting married, but we managed to see a lot of other people while we were there too.  It was a lot of fun and I was glad to visit, but also glad to leave again. :-P   We met up with Chris’ mom and sister while we were there, who were on their way to Cheyenne.   Kaira did great, she likes pretty much everyone she meets, which is good since there are so many new people for her to see.  Oh, and I also turned 25 while we were there…so I’m a quarter now.
A few days after we got back to Denver, Chris’ mom, sister and aunt met us at our place for dinner.  It was nice for Chris to be able to catch up with his family again, since we haven’t really seen any of them since we were married.   We met up again with them as well as Tara, Wes and the boys that Sunday for Red Lobster. It was nice to see all of them again, Tara’s boys seem so big to me now (probably just in comparison to Kaira).

A few days after that (really, its all running together in my head now), Matt got here from Montana.  He stayed with us about 4 nights.  His stay happened to be at the same time that Chisa was coming to visit, so we ended up with a very full house. :-)   It all worked out fine though, everyone got along and we had fun playing Mario Cart into the wee hours of the morning.  Kaira had a blast with all the attention she got.  She wasn’t sure about Matt with a hat on…but other than that she really liked everyone.  We all went to the Denver Art Museum one day.  They had some really cool temporary exhibits out.   We walked around downtown afterwards, ate at a little deli, and saw some of the really cool buildings down there (the courthouse, the Capitol building), as well as all the bums and weird pant-less skateboarders.  Oh yah, I forgot we live in a big city, hehe.  You don’t get too much of that around where we live, but go downtown and you remember where we are, hehe.  We came back to the condo to let Kaira take a nap, and we played more Mario Cart (we were addicted by that point).  That night we went to the Denver Aquarium and ate at the restaurant there.  It was very neat.  We ate by all the fishes. :-P   We walked around the aquarium after dinner, which was actually not packed for once.  Kaira liked looking at all the fish and other animals.

So I think that’s the short version of the last few weeks, it was a lot of fun (and great to see everyone!), but now its back to reality.  We’re getting ready for Jared and Kristine to get here next week though, so I guess we have that to look forward to!  Kaira’s also almost one (my baby!!), so we have that to get ready for too.

I can't take him anywhere...
I can't take him anywhere...
View from outside the aquarium
View from outside the aquarium



We had a busy and fun weekend. On Saturday, we met Wendy and the kids and Javin and Ethan at one of the state parks that happens to be about 5 minutes from where we live. We went on a “hike” of some sort…we got kind of lost and ended up walking on the road, but at least we know where we’re going now. :-P We had lunch by the lake, and watched the kids go play in the freezing water. It doesn’t seem to matter how cold it is, they’ll still go in! Javin had his house inspection in the afternoon, so we split up while he did that. Then we all met up again for dinner at the park…and more freezing lake playing, etc. It was nice. The weather was so beautiful this weekend that we had to take advantage of it.

Sunday we decided to take Kaira swimming for the first time! She did okay, but unfortunately the pool was PACKED, and all the screaming, splashing kids really freaked her out. So for the majority of the time she was clinging to us, but by the end she had calmed down and was having more fun. I think once our pool opens at our condo, we can go a lot more often (and hopefully with a lot less people) and she’ll be able to have more fun. She was very cute in her swim suit though. :-)


Well, we finally found a place we liked…and moved. :-) We’ve actally been here about 2 weeks now, but with unpacking and Kaira…I didn’t get a chance to update! I’ve taken a few pictures of the condo to put up…I couldn’t get a picture of our bedroom because its still a mess. I’ll get to that someday! Anyway, we love the condo. Its still super close to the other house, so we still see everyone pretty much everyday. Whitney comes over and stays with us before school, which Kaira loves. Kaira thinks she’s soo cool. :-P

Kaira is 8 months old now, and (we found out yesterday) weighs almost 18lbs! No wonder she makes my arms so tired all the time. She’s doing great though. She has 2 teeth about to come in too. I took her to the doctor yesterday because we were afraid she had another ear infection (she was super crabby and pulling at her ears). Turns out, its teeth! The doctor said they’d probably poke through in the next few days. My baby’s growing up!

Kaira can pull herself up now, but hasn’t started crawling yet. She gets on all 4′s, stays for a little bit, gets tired and falls over. Poor baby. She wants to go…she just can’t figure out how yet. She more interested in standing up all the time though, so maybe she’ll just skip crawling and go straight to walking!

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